Mysterious geishas and legendary monsters, high-tech gadgets and crazy fashion trends. Colorful manga worlds, exquisite cuisine and neon lights: Japan fascinates in many ways. Consequently, JapAniManga Night attracts a huge audience to Davos, coming up with an even bigger spectacle this year. As an inclusive, sociocultural event, the festival has offered Japan enthusiasts a place to interact, explore and have fun for the last 15 years.

Exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, workshops and fan performances give visitors an interactive Japan experience and bring its fan-culture to life.


JapAniManga Night tries to break out from the norm and become an annual highlight for everyone who loves Japan. Our three pillars include:

offering a comprehensive insight into Japan and its culture, thereby helping to eliminate stereotypes.
bringing together like-minded people to enjoy Japanese culture, exchange ideas and discuss
their experiences in a tolerant, fun and interactive atmosphere.
building bridges between tradition and modernity and making foster mutual understanding between Japan fans, expats, Swiss and Japanese people, detached from race, age, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or origin.