JapAniManga Night visitors may book hotel rooms made available exclusively for them via Davos Congress. These are only accessible to us, and cannot be booked anywhere else on the Internet.

We have reserved beds and rooms for you in various establishments, from youth hostels up to family lodging, and even chic designer spaces - everything at preferential rates.

Note: The offer is continuously supplemented, depending on the demand. Quotas will be increased and new accommodations will be added to our offer, so please do not feel disappointed if you see the list shrinking. For questions related to the hotel offers, please contact Davos Congress directly.

The hotels:


In Davos you will find a wide variety of holiday apartments that can be booked via Davos-Destinations Organization. Take your friends and seize these great off-season opportunities!


Those who would prefer to save their hostel money might be able to stay with other fans from around the world. Swiss Geeks or Mangaforum would be good places to start looking.

Furthermore, the CouchSurfing organization can offer intermediate lodging to people from other countries: