Everyone should be able to enjoy an undisturbed and carefree time at JapAniManga Night. To ensure this, we ask our visitors to follow the instructions of the staff and volunteers, and to observe the following rules:

1)  All participants may be subject to a Security Control at the entrance.
2)  Lost festival bands cannot be replaced.
Anyone without a valid ticket or festival pass who gains access to the site, with or without the help of others, will be removed from the premises and banned from future entry.
Carrying weapons (incl. Softairs), dangerous objects, pyrotechnic explosives, narcotics and bringing in drinks and edibles purchased elsewhere is prohibited on the event grounds.
Likewise, bringing in unlicensed merchandise and illegally copied media (pirated copies) is prohibited, especially for selling purposes.
During JapAniManga Night you may be photographed and/or filmed, and your attendance implies your consent that these recordings may be used arbitrarily in the future.
Sound, image and video recordings of the artists appearing at the Festival are allowed only for private use.

The unauthorized publication or exchange of copyrighted materials is prohibited.

This list is taken from the Terms and Conditions of Nerdilicious GmbH and was shortened for brevity. Under all circumstances, the version published below is the full, unabridged and valid version at the time of ticket purchase: