“The team, the atmosphere, often the feeling of accomplishing the impossible, being part of something big and unified, from where you can claim: This is what I built up and helped create. When the visitors are happy and raving about the weekend after the event, or even already looking forward to the next year. But especially working with like-minded people in higher/lower positions, while still keeping each other at an even level. We work, we work incredibly hard, yet we are not employees but friends, a crazy little family.”


You wish to have an active role in helping to shape JAN? Our teams need support! Volunteers are an essential part of the JAN-family and act as the eyes, ears and hands of our organization. We are looking for motivated, reliable fans who want to engage with us on the long run.

“Initially, my motivation was to save the cost of admission and food, and to get a place to sleep, but, as time went by, this reason has moved entirely in the background.”


All our teams choose their own helpers themselves (which is good for the team spirit). Please introduce yourself directly, through any of the respectively specified channels and for each point that interests you, separately. If you have sent multiple introduction submissions and you are selected by a team, please unsubscribe from the others. In any case, tickets that have been already purchased can be refunded upon consultation with the team leaders. You need to be at least 16 years old to be a volunteer at the JapAniManga Night.

Send an email to staff at nerdilicious.org