Once again, Crunchyroll will be providing the latest Anime to JapAniManga Night! Crunchyroll is a leading global destination and platform for officially-licensed Japanese anime and Asian content.  Crunchyroll's distribution channel and partnership program delivers content to over 35 million online community members worldwide.

(Food Wars, How to keep a Mummy, Kino's Journey, Interviews with Monster Girls, Junji Ito Collection, Mr. Osomatsu, The Ancient Magus Bride, Gamers!, A Place further than the universe, Recovery of a MMO Junkie, Kado: The Right Answer, DARLING in the FRANXX)


"Pepper" stands for fiery entertainment and sharp series, while "mint" stands for fresh ideas and original quality of products. By these meanings, we can already tell that Peppermint anime is innovative and ensures high-quality entertainment for anime fans of all ages. Peppermint is a global provider of all genres and formats based in Munich. In addition to sales in the various digital media, they produce, co-produce and co-finance TV content of all genres.